Our philosophy

In our house wellness means the physical and mental well-being of the guests, to which we try to contribute in every possible way

Our wellness area surrounded with garden pond and beautiful natural environment is waiting for the guests with indoor and outdoor adventures. Our internal sauna and steam cabinet help to promote the detoxification processes of the body, the skin beautification and body relaxation.
A walk in the Kneipp-bath after a swim in the large pool and taking an experience shower will stimulate the circulation and effects on the soles have a beneficial impact on the whole body. Our guests can relax on deck-chairs, ceramic heat therapy chairs and comfortable sofas. 
During the summer season all conditions for relaxation are met on the wellness terrace next to the lake pond and next to the outdoor pool. Garden pavilions, hammocks and deck-chairs are waiting for silence and beauty of nature lovers.
In addition to the known effects of health promotion and prevention, movement has a great value as a source of joy. In order to ensure physical and mental well-being of our guests, we are aimed to achieve overall effects by our free-time sports activities and guided recreation and movement programs.

The fitness room with a beautiful view is equipped i.a. with  cardio machines, a combined exercise machine, a wall bar and weights is waiting for all fitness-freaks. Regardless of the weather, in the large swimming pool you can enjoy the joint-friendly, easy to do Aqua fitness , which is yet an efficient fitness-enhancing music-based movement program.

The castle is surrounded by seven acres of parkland with a variety if hidden places, where the guests will be filled up with energy, beauty and vitality. All this can be combined on request with an easy guided walk with Nordic walking sticks and spiced up with some castle history outlook. In the park tennis courts, a basketball court, a ping-pong pavilion, bows and badminton rockets  are waiting for the users.

Pilates & Hatha yoga

Pilates: Dynamic class, powerful body shaping. For beginners it's easier to keep the focus on the workout than in yoga. It is therefore highly recommended for those who have difficulty to relax.

Hatha yoga: The exercises are held to 3-5 breaths, medium slow class, the stress-releasing effect is prominent, it moves the whole body, especially the spine.

Important information: Exercises are recommended for all beginners.


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