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For anyone who actively wants to spend the holidays close to nature, getting to know the flora and fauna of the westernmost Eurasia steppe lake, the Fertő-Hanság National Park team  offers superb recreational opportunities. Whether it’s canoeing, cycling, bird observation or presentation of native animals in Hungary, please contact our colleagues from the National Park, who will assist you in discovering the Lake Fertő.

You can share an exciting adventure in our region either individually or in groups!

Settlements of Fertő landscape

Sightseeing in Sopron
From 1 May 2016 until the end of September every Wednesday at 3.30 PM and Sunday at 10.30 PM a free sightseeing tour starts with a guide, from the front of the entrance to Tűztorony (Fire Tower).
In the course of the city tour you can find out, what our Celtic ancestors drank, what was the favorite wine of Ferenc Liszt, how the Sopron German winegrowers became ´Poncichter´, i.e. Bean producers, what connects the Fire Tower and the wine and if the French really paid in 1809 for the wine with blue francs?

Harrer chocolate workshop and pastry
In July 2009 the first chocolate workshop in the country in combination with chocolate tasting was opened in Sopron, where visitors in the framework of an extraordinary chocolate tasting can get an insight into the fascinating world of chocolate production.

 Canoe Trip in the Fertő reed
From 21st May to 10th September 2016 “Canoe Trips in the Fertő reed” are organized by the Fertő-Hanság National Park.
The tour starts from Csárdakapu main channel entrance, which is located between municipalities Balf and Fertőrákos.

Adventure Trip in the Hanság
From 20th May to 9th September 2016 “Adventure Trips in the Hanság” are organized by the Fertő-Hanság National Park.
Wandering on the hidden roads of the old wild water country. Following the footsteps of Istók Hany you can view the wildlife of  inaccessible parts of the Hanság region.
The means of transport - Land Rover Defender off-road vehicle - is provided.

With solar boot on Lake Fertő
From the beginning of July 2016 until September 10 you can discover the beauties, flora and fauna of Lake Fertő with a solar boat.

Lővér Adventure Park
Thematic Natural Adventure Park in the heart of Sopron Lővérek. 130 sweaty, but surmountable obstacles are calling 8-10 meters high, be the one who will overcome them, then glide through the forest among the trees on the sliding track! While the treetops are loud from the adults, 3 kid courses are waiting for the smaller ones, the really little ones (3-7 years) can show their skills on preschool level.
In addition to this, a climbing wall, climbing tree, trampoline and ping-pong is at the disposal of fun seekers.

Summer bobsleigh
It is an unforgettable experience to glide from mountain to valley on a bobsleigh, either alone or in pairs through 750 meters, on a winding path. You have free to give “gas” or brake, as the downhill is pleasant. Bob is fun for families, groups, young people and seniors. Children swings, slides and children’s buckets are waiting for the kids. Bob buffet ensures the comfort of our guests.

Sightseeing train
We travel around the city with unique adventure sightseeing vehicles. We get know the sights through exciting stories. Guests will receive information of history and sights of Sopron, the Poncichters and the Lövérs.

Fertőrákos Quarry
From June 2015 the completely renovated and significantly expanded FERTŐRÁKOS CAVE THEATRE AND QUARRY awaits the visitors. In addition to the renovation of the monumental artificial landscape, one of the major prioritized considerations was the preserving of the natural values.
The performances take place on the enlarged stage of the theater with the capacity of 760 persons. The interior of the cave and surface nature trail was developed to thematic adventure park, showing the history and formation of the place.

Wine Region

The local inhabitants treat as labor of love the real pearl of the region  the Sopron wine and Sopron Wine Region.
The Sopron Wine Region is one of Hungary's oldest wine region proud of historical traditions. For inhabitants of Sopron grape meant for centuries their livelihood. The economic base of the city were the grape and wine privileges.

The Sopron Wine Region is located in the western corner of the country in the foothills of the Alps, on west and south coast of the Lake Fertő, as well as in the Sopron Mountains. The most valuable area includes about 1,500 acres of  production areas of the mountain slopes around Lake Fertõ. The sub-Mediterranean climate of Lake Fertő formed out a real “miracle world” in this area. The grape maturation is not assisted by the reflection on the lake, but the warm air trapped in the daytime over the lake that is blown in the night toward the vineyards. The center of the wine region is Sopron, it includes also Fertőrákos, Kópháza, Balf, Fertőboz, Harka, and Fertőszentmiklós and since 13th June 2000 the Kőszeg region, which has enlarged the production area with altogether 259 hectares of vineyards.
Besides the Blue Frankish there are significant Zweigelt, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot noir vineyards. Among the varieties of white wine the Green Veltliner  is most typical, but Chardonnay, Traminer, Zenit and Sauvignon blanc are also prevalent in the region, but the share of the trendiest type, Irsai Olivér is still growing. The Sopron wine made from Early Red Veltliner is a real rarity. Another interesting feature of the wine region is that the local climate favors the production of late harvest dessert wines. These wines are not new in our region, their presence can be traced back to 1524, but today also some excellent sweet white wines can be tasted in several wineries.

The Company Bormarketing Műhely Nonprofit Kft. established in 2001 make efforts towards the further cultivation of the natural quality of Sopron wine, excellent wine and cultural values of wine culture. Preserves the Sopron wine region, as an outstanding historic landscape of Hungary and the World Heritage List and made it known to the wider world.

We collected wine producers from the wine region to become familiar with their work and their wines in one place. In case of reservation a personal wine tasting may become possible:
·         Fényes Pincészet
·         Iváncsics Pince
·         Lővér Pince
·         Vincellér
·         Taschner Bor- és Pezsgőház
Blue Frankish Summer

Sopron Blue Frankish Summer is a unique event in Hungary, the actively lived vital Sopron wine culture. The series of programs launched in May 2005 offers many exciting programs until the September harvest.
 The diverse program stream focuses on the Sopron wine produced on World Heritage Sites of Fertő-region and Sopron as the capital of Blue Frankish. 
The opening event is the Sopron Wine Festival, which was first staged in 1992 based on idea of Károly Weinberger, the municipal brass band secretary. The initially simple one-day event has been extended for several days and attracts thousands of visitors each year on the Main Square. Traditionally, it is about Sopron wines and the background music. During the festival, more than 20 wineries from Sopron are offering excellent wines to the locals and visitors of the city. guests.

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