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In the 16th Century, the castle was merely a single-story mansion, the hunter´s house of 3414 acre Great Forest. Instead of that, a romantic classicist style castle was built in 1750. The building is still   a wonderful hunting area surrounded by rich wildlife - deer, roe deer, wild boar– which provides an excellent opportunity to sports enthusiasts to return home with some trophy awards.

Please ask for our help in organizing hunting programs. We are pleased to offer you a complete entertainment compilation. In cooperation with Tanulmányi Erdőgazdaság Zrt. (Study Forestry). The 13 890 hectare hunting ground has a really good reputation among hunting enthusiasts. We offer a countrywide unique night stalking (under the moonlight), which provides an outstanding and unique experience for hunting guests. During the hunting of red deer stags about 85-90 rutting bulls are be bagged, with 6 kg average weight and about 60% shoots with medals. We cannot provide our guests with exceptionally large trophy bull-weight (over 10 kg), however, the trophies been addressed are very showy. Please contact us for your tailor-made offer!

... After the hunting there is nothing better than a refreshing massage in our wellness area and later a delicious meal, fragrant wine in our restaurant, followed by a great cognac to discuss the events of the day at the heat of the fireplace.

Our Castle Hotel is equipped with a gun cabinet!
 “Anyone who wants to live a moral and virtuous life,  should not taste the truffle”
– Italian proverb

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