World Luxury Hotel Award

Among the world’s most favourite luxury hotels, the Hungarian Szidonia Manor House was nominated to the World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards 2015. Based on guest ratings, our hotel received the „Luxury Wedding Destination” special prize on the 24th of October 2015, in Hong Kong. 

Within the framework of the World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards, the world’s best luxury hotels and spas compete with each other yearly, based on the reviews of their guests. Thanks to all the positiv feedback, the Szidonia Manor House made it into the final nomiees in 2015. The „Luxury Wedding Destination” prize was taken over by Eszter Gulyas and David Fallmann (CEO) on the gala event in Hong Kong. „We are very honored and touched to be here and receive this wonderful award. Special thanks go to our amazing guests and colleagues.” – they said on the podium.

The power of guest engagement

The World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards is often called as „the Oscar of the hotel industry”. What is special about this prize is that the luxury hotels and spas and their services are assessed by the personal opinions of the guests based on their own experiences. There are numerous luxury hotels competing worldwide in various categories but only those get to the finals, who receive the most votes. This means that the World luxury Hotel and Spa Awards is kind of a measure of luxury in the tourism sector since its establishment in 2006. Therefore, it is a huge honor to be the winner of one of these prizes.
The Szidonia Manor House won the special prize for the first time in 2015. Our hotel was honored alongside big names, such as the winner of the category „Luxury Suite Hotel”, Plaza Athénée from Paris.


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