Task: To create a costumed „COMPANY“ commercial in the castle park.
Each team will prepare its movie, whose story, direction and acting performances will be carried out by team members themselves (we will provide the technical equipment and costumes).
The program will be a jointly selected topic on the basis of a pre-arranged scenario to organize and perform a real Hollywood production. The essence is teamwork, creativity, quick and efficient taking of decisions as well as communication. The program is good for playful and at the same time responsible solution of issues resulting from organization, and, last but not least, it is very entertaining. The program can be supplemented by a large (e.g. cardboard) “COMPANY” label modeled on the Hollywood sign, which will be posted on the nearby hillside by the participants as a photo. During the dinner, each commercial can be screened, at which the participants can have fun together.
Duration: 3 to 4 hours (advantage: not weather dependent!)


The task is to design by a graphic artist in advance a jointly selected famous artwork and then prepare an enlarged replica of it.
The large painting will be printed on several smaller canvases. The team will be divided into smaller teams, and each of them works independently on the detail of its own picture. (Paint, canvases and other tools shall be provided)
The teams are working on one small part of the total picture side by side.
At the end of job we can fit every artwork into place, present them before dinner, and later exhibit the artworks in the office building as well.
Duration: 2 to 3 hours (advantage: not weather dependent!)


The soap-box race provides an adventure program, where participating teams have to assemble a double car from simple elements, even one that is suitable for racing. In order to start the car, drive force is still needed.  The program consists of two parts. The first is assembly of the cars, creating unique image, and then the race.
The cars are assembled by the participants from prefabricated parts. The assembly should be done with a help of the manual. The teams shall prepare on the basis of individual ideas a decoration - or, as one of the participants identified it, an ‘optical tuning’ - in order to give the final shape and style of the cars. We provide tools for the assembly of the components.
In parallel with the assembly the teams shall immediately start to create the unique design of the cars. For this purpose, corrugated paper, cardboard plates and colored crepe paper are provided. The spray-painted decoration can be screwed on the timber frame of the car. Preparation of the construction and decoration of the car requires a coordinated team work.
Then comes the unmissable "Drag Race"! – then the cars participating in double competition can determine who is the best in accelerating!

Manpower: The program headcount 30-180 people, a different number requires special planning.
Time frames: 2.5-4 hours regardless of the number of people, supplemented by other programs - all day long.

Ask for an offer and our hotel, in addition to the discount prices, will give you ideas in order to provide the best possible results, and the best mood for the training, event, or partner meeting!

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