A PERFECT CONFERENCE: in connection with a perfect conference you will certainly think of a successful business, training or meeting. We will help you to change your work effectively almost for rest.
You have just to take care of the professional program and we will arrange everything else, from coffee breaks through playful and exciting events for team building to leisure activities after the well done job.
·         Conferences
·         Trainings
·         Team building events 
·         Partner meetings
·         Seminars
·         Training courses
·         Corporate events
·         Meetings

·         Projector
·         Pin wands
·         Flipcharts
·         Screens
·         Sound / wireless microphones
·         Conference phone
·         Coffee breaks
·         Free wireless internet throughout the hotel premises
·         Organization of events (teambuilding, indoor and outdoor programs) 
Billiard room (32 m2): 
A small meeting or section room, in the middle of the room with fixed conference table and a telephone line for 6 to 8 people.
Card-playing lounge (32 m2):
Lounge, which comfortably fits 8-12 people, can also be used as a section room. The main jewel of the lounge is Zichy's former secretary.
Henry lounge (39 m2): 
The intimate atmosphere lounge for 10 persons in comfortable chairs, which can comfortably talk even with a cup of coffee.
Alfonz lounge (60 m2): 
Optimally separable hall for 20 to 40 people. It is particularly suitable for conferences, as well as high-level gourmet or family events.
Ballroom (96 m2): 
The oldest room at the Castle Hotel Szidónia. The balcony offers an excellent view to the park. We recommend it to organize there large conferences for 30, 50 or 100 people. The room is also an ideal place for organizing cultural events, lectures, concerts and weddings.

Golden lounge (60 m2): 
It can be combined with a dance hall and is well separable, the lounge, which is popular mainly because of natural light, comfortably fits 20 to 40 people.

Garden lounge (100 m2): 
A special room with a unique atmosphere in the vicinity of the Japanese house, which can be completely separated from the Castle guests, it is suitable for  20-50 people.

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