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Röjtökmuzsaj in terms of wine has a unique location as it lies on the boundary of three wine regions, Sopron, Pannonhalma and Somló. The basis of the new wine list will, of course, represent Sopron wine, since we are close to the wine producing area, followed with a little bit less emphasis, but in terms of importance at the same level, Pannonhalma and Somló. The wine list we also offer wines from all major wine regions, but they will serve only as a supplement to our existing menu.

One of our main priorities are the ever closer links between food and wine, and we continually strive to further increase the level of table manners and consumption of wine in Hungary, to regain the place that rightly belongs to them.


House wines

Chateau Szidónia, Zöldveltelini 2018
It’s a wine with subtle bouquet and taste, with very special acids. This is what makes it an ideal companion for light meals.
Chateau Szidónia, Soproni Kékfrankos Rosé 2017/2018
Lovely wine with red-pink colour, fruit beering with fresh acid taste.
Chateau Szidónia, Soproni Kékfrankos 2014
The wine has a dark rubin red colour with a touch of purple. It has special bouquet and fresh acid, a
rather heavy wine.
Chateau Szidónia, Soproni Zenit 2017
Fresh, floral scent with citrus and green spicy notes. In the background mango and apricot associations.

Wine region Sopron

Franz Weninger, Gneisz-Csillám  2016
Syrah, Zweigelt, Kékfrankos and Merlot blend harvested from the gneiss-mica soil of the Steiner vineyard. A leathery, mineral and fruity nose, followed by flavoursome black fruit, subtle oak and animalistic notes on the palate. An unfiltered biodynamic wine.
Franz Weninger, Soproni Syrah, 2016 
This original Persian grape Syrah delivers typical pepper, herbal and smoky flavours and well-balanced mature tannins on the palate. Aged in toasted, small oak barrels for one and half year.
Luka Zweigelt 2011/2013       
Deep blue colour with a purple tint. Youthful wine with lively acids, notes of paprika and spice, and a long, dry finish with a touch of bitterness 

Vincellér – Ház, Soproni Zenit, sweet, late harvest2043
Golden yellow colour and an intense bouquet with hints of ripe apricot, mint, pear and honey. In taste it has honey, almond and a slight caramel character

Wine region Etyek – Buda

Nyakas Pince, Budai Sauvignon Blanc 2017/2018
Translucent, crystal clear, clean, exciting nose and a flavour-packed palate of southern fruits, along with spicy, green pepper notes and a touch of residual sugar.

Wine region Somló 

Kreinbacher Pince, Somlói  Juhfark  2016
Subtly oaky nose, with ripe and dried fruits. Robust appearance, yet it's great to taste – it possesses nice power.A deep, mineral, complex and structured big wine.Gives a lot more than the earlier Juhfark experiences. 2,500 bottles.

Wine region Balaton

Légli, 333  2017
A bit of numerology. Since ‘999 it's always on the 333rd day of the year that this Irsai Olivér-based, spicy, fragrant, refreshing wine makes it to the shops. Low alcohol, macho acidity. If any of it remained until the summer, then we would have it with roast bream from the Balaton.
Figula, Olaszrizling 2017/2018
Nicely ripened Olaszrizling from Balatonszőlős fermented and aged in tanks, exposed to oxygen while racking. After two warmer years, in 2013 it finally has livelier acids. Fresh, fruity, full of floral and grape flower aromas
Légli Ottó, Landord Chardonnay 2015
From Ottó’s favourite vineyard; the south-facing Landlord, with its chalky and clay soil. The wine is both fermented and aged in large barrels, which helps deliver tropical fruit and nutty notes. It has a sweet character, creaminess and delicious acids.

Wine region Pannonhalma

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet, Rajnai Rizling 2017
Green-yellow coloured, rich, luscious citrus, green apple bouquet and a classic Rizling palate offering attractive, well-balanced flavours and a pleasingly long after-taste.
Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet, Pinot Noir 2017
Intense claret colour, oak and spice bouquet, followed by fruity notes. The very round palate is also full of life, and velvety with a red fruit compote taste. Everything is in the right place in this wine.

Wine region Szekszárd

Dúzsi Tamás, Kékfrankos-Rosé 2018
The colour of peach blossom, with fruit and good drinkability taking centre stage, supported by happy acids.
Takler Ferenc, Trió  2015/2016
The names comes from the three Taklers and the three grape varieties: Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.Beautiful body, velvetty character, with the delicious taste of red-fleshed fruit and the spiciness of large oak barrels in the background
Takler Ferenc, Bikavér Reserve 2015
Complex aromas, full-bodied, tasty, vibrant red with the richness of red-fleshed fruits and a long, full aftertaste. Specially selected Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, with some Kadarka, aged for 16 months in 500-litre Hungarian oak barrels.


Wein region Villány

Gere & Weninger, Rosé 2018
Fruits dominate this dry blend of Kekfrankos, Pinot Noir and Cabernet. The fresh strawberry, natural residual sugar and crispy acids are all in harmony.
Günzer Zoltán, Cabernet Sauvignon 2016                           
A ripe, fruity and round wine made from grapes harvested with a high degree of must extract and concentration. Friendly tannins, roundness, and the grape variety’s trademark spicy notes, with rich fruits of the forest in the background.
Sauska, 11; 2015
Brilliant, grenadine colour. With dark berries, black currant, ripe plum, blueberry in its scent – with a little lead.Wide and fuity in the mouth, vibrant and good-drinking, nice wine.
Gere & Weninge , Cuvée Phoenix 2015
This Kékfrankos based blend has been made every vintage since 1992. While it's never made from a fixed recipe, the style is always definitive and fully Phoenix. For example, in 2008 Kékfrankos and Cabernet Sauvignon, are supported by Pinot Noir. The grape varieties are vinified separately in steel tanks for 14 days. Then, according to grape variety and the individual vineyard, the components are aged in large barrels for a year before being blended together. This finely textured red oozes red fruit, spice, an earthy quality and is seriously smooth.

Wine region Eger

Thummerer Vilmos,Tréfli   half  sweet 2016                 
Spicy red with velvety acids and low alcohol content. Its unique character and residual sugar content give special experience.
Thummerer, Egri Muskotály 2017
A positively fragrant, elegant Muskotály with low alcohol and natural residual sugar. A deliciously sweet, joyful, refreshing white wine 
Gál Tibor, Pinot Noir 2016/2017
The produce of the previously single-vineyard bottled wines of the Síkhegy, Grőber and the Pajados vineyards. A 9-year-old plantation with the deeper reaching roots in the volcanic rhyolite-tufa soil. Maybe that’s why the 2008 became fuller-bodied, more characteristic, and has more tannins than the earlier vintages. Spontaneously fermented, aged in 220-litre used oak barrels for two years

Wine region Tokaj 


Göncöl, Száraz Szamorodni 2009
Aged in oak barrels for over two years, this is a fine dry szamorodni from Tokaj.Excellent as an aperitif.
Oremus, Mandolás 2013/2016
The buttery, toasty notes of big barrel ageing appear distinctively both on the nose and palate. Concentrated, rich Furmint from the Oremus estate’s Tokaj vineyards in a beautiful vintage, pressed from nicely ripened bunches.
Göncöl, 3 puttonyos Aszú 2013
Golden-yellow in colour with a subtle, young bouquet, this wine offers the supple harmony of apricot and dried fruits.
Degenfeld, 5 puttonyos Aszú 2008
An unusual complex Aszú with a fine bouquet, blended from Furmint grapes base wine with Linden leave grapes Aszú-berries. The intensive, fruity bouquet and the pleasant acidities reconcile perfectly to an unobtrusive, elegant structure on the palate.

Exlusive Selection

Gere Attila, Kopár Barrique (Cabernet Sauvignon & Franc & Merlot), 2015
Like in Cabernet Franc makes up half of the blend in 2007, with Merlot contributing 40% and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%.
Németh Attila, Diósi  Sárgamuskotály 2011/2012- late harvest
Opulent grape, lemon and quince aromas are dominating on the nose, the acidity and 108 g/l residual sugar are in perfect balance.Round, succulent and lusty wine with the complexity of a 4 puttonyos aszú.
Szepsy István, 6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2006
An incredibly complex aszú wine from one of the most outstanding winemakers of the Tokaj wine region. A rich texture of aromas is reminiscent of coffee and tobacco merging with notes of dried and fresh fruits.


Austrian wines

Sabathi, Sauvignon Blanc 2016/2017
The wine stands for fresh, fruit-driven wines of typical Styrian origin. It is produced of grapes cultivated in numerous small vineyards in the wine-growing region Southern Styria. This wine may be brought to the market at the earlist on March 1 of the year following the harvest. Characteristics:fragrant nose of green pepper and green herbs, unspoilt and typical, juicy elderberry blossomos, spicy, balanced acidity structure, green components, develops intensively spicy aromas in the glass.
Polz, Weißburgunder  2016
Bright green yellow; Smell of ripe stone; Good body with a lot of bite, pleasant acid balance; Perfect food supporter with great drinking pleasure.
Tement, Sauvignon Blanc Grassnitzberg 2016      
On the south-east facing slopes of Grassnitzberg the comparatively cool temperatures at night and the shell-limestone soil with cambisol result in a wine with such cool and spicy Sauvignon Blanc aromas. The overwhelming vintage of 2015 impresses with a low mineral, almost impenetrable mesh of flavours such as pear, caper salt as well as savory and black currant. A lot of limestone spices are present and leave an eternally long taste. 
Tement, Welschriesling Steirische Klassik 2016
Fruity, lively bouquet with hints of ripe apples and hay flowers. Both complex and playful, a delicate taste of dried hay lingers on the palate giving a wonderfully balanced and expressive sensation.
Traditional Tement classic. Goes excellent with cold platters, starters and salads.
Gernot Heinrich, Zweigelt 2015
Deep ruby-garnet colour, plus a soft touch of violet and a delicate rim. Fresh plum fruit marks the nose, along with notes of fine herbs and spices and a hint of orange zest. The palate is juicy with fine red berry fruit tones that deliver good sweetness and a pleasant acidity structure. Very nicely woven, with medium length, already very approachable and offering uncomplicated drinking pleasure.
Umathum, Zweigelt 2015
Ruby red colour, spicy in the nose with impressions of cherries, on the palate flavorings of ripe dark cherries and black pepper with fine and balanced finish.
Gesellmann, Blaufränkisch vom Lehm, 2015
The zesty and spicy character of Blaufränkisch charmingly interplays with the fresh cherry fruit, with an added touch of white pepper. Spicy and long in the finish. Vinification: Traditional fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks. Must is pumped over 2 to 4 times a day with submersion of the must cap.

Italian Wines

Friulano DOC, Venica & Venica 2016.
Still white wine, medium bodied, soft and fragrant, fresh and pleasant, with smoky and fruity notes, reductive wine.
Jermann Pinot Grigio 2016
Fresh and elegant white wine, with citrus and mineral perfumes and a full, smooth and dry taste, pleasant, savory and persistent, reductive wine.
Chianti Classico Fonterutoli 2014
Still red wine, from the body elegant and balanced, fruity and floral, refined 16 months in barriques.
Guidalberto Tenuta San Guido 2014
Still Red wine, full bodied, fruity with toasted and herbal notes, aged in barriques.


French wines

Bordaux Blanc Légende 2015
Pale straw with glints of green colored, elegant, seductive wine, dominated by mineral notes (gun flint) mingled with aromas of white fruit and acacia flowers.
Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons 2013
White wine, medium-bodied, soft and fragrant, fruity and mineral, aged at least 6 months in Barrique
Légende Bordeaux rouge 2015
Deep crimson colored, intense, very expressive wine, dominated by fresh fruit aromas (red currant, raspberry) blended with discreet notes of oak.
Château teyssier, grand cru saint-emilion 2014
Fresh and focused, has a taste of brambly dark and red fruits with light but fine tannic frame. 


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